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A behavioral health and wellness coaching practice designed to provide services to individuals, groups and organizations to achieve positive health outcomes. 


As a behavioral health and wellness coach, my goal is to support your specific wellness goals. Together, we can create specific, measurable behaviors that can be targeted for change, making it easier for you to set realistic goals, track progress, and above all lead to a happier and healthier life. 

Whether looking to attend workshops in a group, as a business, wanting a fun date night-these workshops will allow you to take away strategies through a fun and interactive learning environment. 

About My Approach

I strive to provide comprehensive services to guide and help you feel the confidence and support you need to overcome your challenges. My mission is to empower individuals to cultivate and maintain healthy habits and lifestyles by sharing knowledge and educational resources among individuals and organizations, with emphasis placed on serving populations in need post covid-19 pandemic. Get in touch to learn more and take a big step in your health and wellbeing. 

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